I’ve pursued cases for injured people for over thirty years, recovering over $100 million for clients and class members. These are some of the cases.

  • Houdek v. Chairman of Investment Committee—Dana Limited, 3:19-cv-02571 (N.D. Ohio 2021) (ERISA class action for pension plan participants who alleged non-payment of pensions)
  • Belk v. Le Chaperon Rouge, 1:18-cv-1954 (N.D. Ohio 2020) (companywide FLSA collective and class action for employees who alleged underpayment of wages)
  • Wright v. Premier Courier, Inc., Case No. 2:16-cv-00420 (S.D. Ohio 2018) (companywide FLSA collective action for employees who alleged non-payment of minimum wages and overtime compensation)
  • Jewell v. Aaron’s, Inc., Case No. 1:12-CV-0563 (N.D. Ga. 2012) (nationwide FLSA collective action for hourly store employees who alleged non-payment for meal periods)
  • Warren v. Race, Case No. 1:09-CV-2670 (N.D. Ohio 2010) (companywide FLSA collective action against corporate officers and directors on behalf of employees who were unpaid when their employer went out of business)
  • McNelley v. Aldi, Inc., Case No. 1:09-cv-1868 (N.D. Ohio 2009) (nationwide FLSA collective action for store managers who alleged they were misclassified as exempt from overtime compensation)
  • West v. AK Steel Corp., 484 F.3d 395 (6th Cir. 2007), cert. denied, 555 U.S. 1097 (2009) (affirming $46 million class action judgment for retirees whose pension benefits were miscalculated in violation of ERISA).
  • Santos v. Republic Technologies International, LLC, Case No. 02-CV-133274 (Court of Common Pleas, Lorain County, 2005) (employer intentional tort and negligence claims on behalf of employee who suffered catastrophic injuries)
  • Insalaco v. Ben Venue Laboratories, Case No. 450549 (Court of Common Pleas, Cuyahoga County, 2005) (class action for employees who alleged violation of employee stock option plan)
  • Tewarson v. Simon, 141 Ohio App. 3d 103, 750 N.E.2d 176 (Court of Appeals 2001) (upholding concentration camp survivor’s right to control publication of his parents’ memoirs and diaries of the Holocaust)
  • Lowe v. Sun Refining & Marketing Co., Case No. 88-0630 (Court of Common Pleas, Lucas County, 2002) (class action for residents affected by environmental disaster)
  • White v. Aztec Catalyst Co., Case No. 93-111025 (Court of Common Pleas, Lorain County, 2000) (class action for residents affected by environmental disaster)
  • Aponte v. Lasco Products, Inc., Case No. 98 CV121884 (Court of Common Pleas, Lorain County, 2000) (employer intentional tort and product liability claims on behalf of employee who suffered catastrophic injuries)
  • DeSario v. Industrial Excess Landfill, Inc., Case No. 89-570-OC (Court of Common Pleas, Stark County, 1991) (class action for homeowners affected by environmental disaster)
  • Ohio Civil Rights Comm. v. Case Western Reserve Univ., 76 Ohio St. 3d 168, 666 N.E.2d 1376 (Ohio Supreme Court 1996) (split decision in landmark case on behalf of a blind woman seeking admission to medical school)